"Just Nudge"

NudgeNight 2022

Nudging & Law
The NudgeNight 2022 arranges itself around Nudges with reference to the public right and private right, which are to lead among other things to rule-conformal behavior of the citizens, better consumer protection or more lasting building.

Nudging & Law

The motto of the NudgeNight 2022 is “Just Nudge”.

Legal scholars in Germany still have a hard time with interventions based on behavioral interventions – which are not legally binding. However, “nudges” can provide – not only to the public sector – a less “intervention-intensive” control instrument.

Nudges presented by students in selected application areas related to public law and private law, including more rule-compliant citizen behavior, better consumer protection, or more efficient construction, serve as a basis for discussion.

We are in dubio pro nudging!

Guest Lecture

Gudrun Schäpers

This year, HSHL hosted a very special guest lecture in which Gudrun Schäpers, President of the Higher Regional Court of Hamm, addressed the question, “Why do we obey the law?”.
The lecture showed what reasons there are for individuals to comply with law and laws. In this context, there was also an intensive discussion about #Nudges and how they can complement laws.

Supporting Expert

Johannes Keders

Johannes Keders worked as a judge for a long time and was President of the Higher Regional Court of Hamm for more than 11 years until his retirement in 2020.

He supported us this semester with advice and critique on our nudges and always offered good food for thought because of his legal perspective, which differed significantly from our behavioral economics perspective.

To the interview with Mr. Keders

"Just Nudge"

Our Nudges 2022

  • Climate policy

    Apart from the Isle of Man, Germany is the only country in Europe without a general statutory speed limit on freeways. Yet a generalized speed limit...

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  • Consumer protection

    First and foremost, consumer protection is intended to effectively protect people as consumers of certain services and goods.

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  • Corporate Compliance

    Corporate compliance, derived from the English "to comply with", stands for adherence to rules. This includes compliance with both statutory provisions and corporate guidelines. These also...

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  • Diversity-Nudge

    This nudge with the topic "Diversity" deals with diversity related to gender. The nudge is based on the Basic Law and the Equal Opportunity Acts, which...

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  • Environmental policy

    Environmental Politics aim to minimize environmental damages. Eating habits are an important factor here. Currently, the diet of an average german does not reflect the guidelines...

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  • Gravel Gardens

    The topic of the nudge is building law. It regulates all legal aspects relating to construction. This includes building procedures on unroofed parts of the estate...

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  • HPV-vaccination rates

    Vaccinations are one of the most important means in the prevention of transmittable diseases. They aim to enhance the body’s natural immune response to pathogens by...

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  • Traffic law

    Traffic law in general includes all regulations and legal norms that deal with a change of place of people and goods. 66 paragraphs in combination with...

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