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Below you will find a database of all the nudges we have developed to date. For detailed information on the respective nudge, please click on the "To nudge" button.

PictureNudge NameDescriptionNudgeNight YearLink
Damit es auch der letzte schnalltThe current road safety situation for truck drivers in Germany is alarming. Despite mandatory seat belt use and comprehensive safety...NudgeNight 2024Got to Nudge
Arbeitssicherheit in PflegeberufenAre you working as a caregiver or holding a leadership position in a care facility? Then we want to reach...NudgeNight 2024Got to Nudge
Just Say ItThe goal of our nudge is to encourage employees to actively provide feedback. We aim to particularly address prevailing misconceptions...NudgeNight 2024Got to Nudge
SafetyPioneersThe aim of our nudge is to increase employees' risk awareness and reduce hazards and accidents. By raising awareness of...NudgeNight 2024Got to Nudge
UV-NudgeAs an employer, do you ensure that your employees take adequate UV protection measures? However, awareness of the dangers of...NudgeNight 2024Got to Nudge
ReusableFood waste is an ever-present topic, which despite its high conciseness shows too little willingness to take action. The awareness...NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
FrillenIn general, it is our aim to contribute to fish being increasingly seen as an integral part of barbecue. Our...NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
Fresh GuardThe goal of our nudge is to establish a new and better storage habit of fruits and vegetables. The aim...NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
Changing PositionsAs the operator of a communal catering facility (e.g. a canteen or cafeteria), do you put a lot of energy...NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
Why Nut?The aim is to encourage consumers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to provide them with information on healthy properties....NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
Snack´n´ExchangeWith our nudge, we strive not only to strengthen the sense of belonging within groups and encourage interaction among individuals...NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
Planet PlateOur goal is to draw attention to the issue of sustainable food and inspire consumers to make conscious eating choices....NudgeNight 2023Got to Nudge
BAföG...NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Traffic lawAs a means of transport, the e-scooter plays a decisive role in the urban micromobility strategy and is becoming an...NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Consumer protectionWith our Nudge, we want consumers to consider changing their mobile phone contract in due time and on an ongoing...NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Environmental policyWe want to make a healthy and sustainable diet easy as this could decrease our CO2. Additionally, packaging waste, the...NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Gravel GardensThe goal of the nudge is to ensure that people are follow the existing building regulations. It is encouraging owners...NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Climate policyWith our nudge, we want to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted in the transport sector in Germany. A speed limit...NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
HPV-vaccination ratesOur nudge aims at convincing more juveniles together with their parents to take part in the voluntary youth examination “J1”....NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Diversity-NudgeWith our Nudge, we aim to counteract gender-specific biases and behavioral biases in the selection process of internal promotion processes....NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Corporate ComplianceTo be future-proof, companies must begin to take social responsibility by integrating sustainable processes and structures into their corporate culture....NudgeNight 2022Got to Nudge
Circular EconomyWith our Nudge, developers are encouraged to use insulation material recycled from PET plastic in roof insulation. This can be...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Waste & DisposalWe want to ensure that less waste is produced and are focusing therefore on plastic. Menstrual products generate 590,000 tons...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Selfnudging for a Sustainable LifestyleWe want to motivate people to sustainable change their everyday life by themselves. Therefore, our nudge contains an informative, a...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Reuse and Repair Consumer GoodsWe hope to bring sustainable clothing options closer to consumers and aim to frame them in an appealing light. Motivating...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Packaging ConsumptionOur Nudge aims to increase consumer awareness of sustainable packaging....NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Impact Asset ManagementThe goals of the Nudge are to reduce the complexity of investment decisions in sustainability goals, to create ethical awareness...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Food & Diet ConsumptionThe best-before date (BBD) is not the same as the use-by date. The aim of our nudge is to prevent...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Energy ConsumptionThe nudge aims at simplifying and playfully introducing the necessary information about photovoltaic systems to enhance the homeowner’s willingness to...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Energetic Building RenovationThe goal is for homeowners to look into the issue of eco-friendly electricity and, in the best-case scenario, will install...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Corporate Impact InvestingBoth startups and corporates are not always aware of each other. Nudging start-ups to gain the attention of investors and...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Corporate Business ModelsCompanies are only fit for the future if they begin to assume social responsibility and integrate sustainability into their business...NudgeNight 2021Got to Nudge
Preventive examinations with AI...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Improvement of the reflective capacity of patients...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Reduction in the consumption of sugar-containing beverages...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Prevention of psychological stress in open-plan offices...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Organ donor cards in the waiting room...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Medication Non-compliance among young people...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Influenza vaccination rate in the operational context...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Increase availment of therapeutic help...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Impulse buyers...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Health promoting in measures offices and home offices...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Relief for emergency rooms...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Duration of proper hand washing...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Improve the uptake of asset relief...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Choice of meals in canteens...NudgeNight 2020Got to Nudge
Increase willingness to donate...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Job postings – using words wisely...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Charge your Change – Implementing change successfully...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Customer satisfaction in online retail...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Nudging in corporate communications...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Compliance made easy...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Workplace health management – Moving Change...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Elevenator. Innovations. Initiate. Identify....NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Continuing education in the workplace – seizing opportunities...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Optimization of energy and utility management...NudgeNight 2019Got to Nudge
Consumer Policy...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge
Environmental Economics...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge
Sustainable consumption...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge
Healthcare...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge
Power...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge
Education...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge
Job market...NudgeNight 2018Got to Nudge