Sustainable cooking

- the environmentally friendly alternative for lunch

The Nudge aims to assist consumers to get an environmentally friendly lunch idea and recipe - easy, quick and directly in the supermarket. The access to environmentally friendly cooking is facilitated by targeted placement of QR-Codes and labeling of sustainable products.

What does the topic mean?

Environmental Politics aim to minimize environmental damages. Eating habits are an important factor here. Currently, the diet of an average german does not reflect the guidelines of the German society for Nutrition (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung). If a healthy diet according to the guidelines would be followed, the environmental impact of their diet could be decreased massively. Moreover, the impact can be further decreased by focusing on regional and seasonal produce. However, eating habits are quite a personal topic so legislative proposals which aimed to restrict the consumption of certain foods for environmental purposes were resented in the past. Nudging is a better alternative to influence eating habits because the consumer keeps the freedom of choice.

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Goal of the nudge

We want to make a healthy and sustainable diet easy as this could decrease our CO2. Additionally, packaging waste, the needed arable land, the pollution of groundwater as well as the use of pesticides and antibiotics could be minimized.
Needs Analysis
Knowledge about sustainable lunch alternatives
Less consumption of convenience Products and food delivery services
More consumption of environmentally friendly produce
Easy access to uncomplicated, quick recipes
Cause Analysis
Attitude-Behaviour Gap
People have the intention to eat better but they fail to follow through.
Present Bias
People weigh the convenience of keeping their eating habits more than the future benefits of changing it. The Impact of a environmentally friendly diet is underestimated.
Information Overload and Choice Overload
These are present during the search for recipes and grocery shopping and hamper changing eating habits.

Target Group

The Nudge is a tool that grocery stores can implement for their customers. Precisely, for customers who are willing to try new recipes, have a limited amount of time, who tend to order or reheat food and value a rather healthy and sustainable lunch.

Added value of the nudge

For grocery stores
- control and increase of sales
- expand and round off the sustainable marketing strategy
For end consumers
- Physical health
- develop conscientiousness for sustainable eating habits