All individuals with appropriate qualifications are automatically invited to participate in the selection process for internal promotion.
If a person does not wish to participate in the process, he or she must actively decline - opt-out.
Performance in the decision-making process thus becomes the decisive criterion.

What does the topic mean?

This nudge with the topic "Diversity" deals with diversity related to gender. The nudge is based on the Basic Law and the Equal Opportunity Acts, which provide for gender equality. We focus our nudge on the work context and the occupation of management positions. Women are clearly underrepresented in these positions - despite equal levels of education and qualifications.

Goal of the nudge

With our Nudge, we aim to counteract gender-specific biases and behavioral biases in the selection process of internal promotion processes. In this way, we achieve that more women are appointed to management positions and the goal of gender equality is advanced.
Needs Analysis
Legally justified
Since the legally regulated equality does not seem to be sufficient, we would like to use the nudge here in a supportive manner.
Current distribution/equality
Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions at 24% despite equal qualifications.
The effectiveness of diverse leadership teams has been proven many times. Women in leadership positions significantly improve company performance, crisis resistance and the effectiveness of change processes.
Cause Analysis
Gender bias
Evaluations are distorted by gender-specific stereotypes; this also occurs in an internalized way.
Women are more critical of themselves when evaluating their own abilities.
Risk aversion
Women tend to avoid direct competition more than men.
Representativeness heuristic
Leadership qualities are associated with character traits that are defined as masculine.
Sanctions for self-promotion, as this contradicts the expected (subordinate) role.

Target Group

The target group is women who are qualified for management positions in order to participate in internal promotion processes.

Added value of the nudge

Companies with more women in management positions perform better.
Crisis management
Companies benefit from better crisis management and act better in times of change.
Achievement of gender equality goals