Nudging to Sustainability: Waste & Disposal

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What is the meaning of Waste and Disposal?

Waste arises from the processing and use of goods and are materials that can find no or little recovery. Waste management deals with the disposal and recycling of waste, which is to be made harmless or less harmful to the environment.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

We want to ensure that less waste is produced and are focusing therefore on plastic. Menstrual products generate 590,000 tons of plastic waste every year in the EU alone. By using a reusable menstrual cup, 99% of this waste could be prevented. Our goal is for more menstruators to use the cup instead of conventional disposable products, making the world a more sustainable place.

Needs Analysis

Plastic consumption
Too much plastic used by menstrual products.
Existing sustainable alternatives are used by too few people
The topic “menstruation” is too little in the discourse

Cause Analysis

Habit - Status Quo Bias
The fact that people prefer to keep things the way they are.
Favors the status quo bias. This can be countered through discussion and education.

Target Group

Our target audience are menstruators of all ages. They already know about the menstrual cup and would be able to use it, but are not yet doing so.

The added value of the Nudge

Waste reduction
99% of the waste generated by menstrual products could be prevented by using a menstrual cup.
CO2 Savings
5.33kg of CO2 could be saved per year/per person
Expense reduction
Each menstruating person could save over 4200€ in their life.

How to reach us:

Annika Lemke
Kim Körnig