Nudging to Sustainability: Packaging Consumption

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What is the meaning of Packaging Consumption?

Our Nudge addresses the issue of excessive consumption of packaging in the supermarket.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

Our Nudge aims to increase consumer awareness of sustainable packaging.

Needs Analysis

Harmful environmental effects
Excessive CO2 emissions in both the production and combustion of plastic.
Harmful health effects
Oral ingestion of microplastics is already present in our everyday food.
Endangerment of animals
Confusion between food and plastic. Animals die in agony as a result of ingesting plastics.

Cause Analysis

Practical, free of charge, everywhere available, self-service, hygienic

Target Group

People who frequently visit a supermarket. Especially consumers of thin plastic bags.

Die Mehrwerte des Nudges

Saving resources
Reduction of limited available resources.
Sustainable packaging
Increased awareness of sustainable as well as alternative packaging.
Create awareness
Raise awareness of the consequences of harmful plastic consumption

How to reach us:

Theresa Schlotter
Alina Schechtel
Rebekka Fuhrmann