Nudging to Sustainability: Impact Asset Management

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What means Impact Assetmanagement?

The task of an impact asset manager is to decide which investments to invest in or avoid in order to increase the portfolio and therefore the social-ecological impact of his investor.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

The goals of the Nudge are to reduce the complexity of investment decisions in sustainability goals, to create ethical awareness for private investment decisions, and to demonstrate the impact of private investments in order to motivate even more people to make ethical investment decisions.

Needs Analysis

The private investor needs enlightening information in order to understand the opportunities, risks and impact of sustainable investment decisions.
The private investor needs an initial push to reflect on the ethical implications of his investment decision
The private investor needs orientation guidelines to facilitate personal selection

Cause Analysis

Limited Awareness
Limited awareness of sustainable investments and their impacts can lead to unintended disregard in investment decisions
Attitude-Behaviour Gap
The Attitude Behavior Gap is mainly due to the risk aversion of investors, as uninformed investors often overestimate the risk of sustainable investments while underestimating the return opportunities.
Information Overload
Once the interest in sustainable investments has been awakened, it is difficult for investors to make a decision from the multitude of different options.

The target audience

Our target group consists of private individuals who are interested in sustainability issues and investing in financial and capital markets. The focus lies primarily on young adults who inform themselves independently and have yet to become active themselves.

The added value of the Nudge

By reducing the number of decision alternatives
For the relevance and impact of sustainable investments
by personally committing to personally selected UN Sustainable Development Goals

How to reach us:

Chris Baumhöer
Iza Stubinski
Friederich Bette