Nudging to Sustainability: Food & Diet Consumption

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What is the meaning of Sustainable Food & Diet Consumption?

Secure, available, economically just, affordable and healthy – a sustainable diet has a low impact on the environment, contributes to food security and enables current and future generations to live healthy lives.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

The best-before date (BBD) is not the same as the use-by date. The aim of our nudge is to prevent food waste caused by the misinterpretation of the best before date.

Needs Analysis

High consumption
High consumption of limited resources in the production and transportation of food.
Rising prices
Rising prices of staple foods disadvantage poorer countries.

Cause Analysis

Anchoring effect
An assessment anchor is set by the BBD, which distorts the assessment of the food.
Precautionary principle
One does not want to take the health risk.
Social norm
What do those around me think of me when I consume expired products?
No time to deal with trying expired products.

Target Group

52% of all food waste in Germany occurs in private households. Shortly before consumption or during cooking, the behaviour of this target group should be changed.

The added value of the Nudge

Save greenhouse gases
Savings of 21.8 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in Germany
Create awareness
Increased awareness of the meaning of the BBD
Saving resources
Savings of two full shopping carts = 75 kg of food per person

How to reach us:

Rascha Hammoud
Sofiya Waibel