Nudging to Sustainability: Energy Consumption

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What is the meaning of Energy Consumption?

Energy consumption is the conversion of energy from primary energy sources like fossil fuels or renewable energy sources. It can also be referred to as the energy required for using devices, heating (…). Unlike the use of renewable sources the combustion of fossil fuels causes CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

The nudge aims at simplifying and playfully introducing the necessary information about photovoltaic systems to enhance the homeowner’s willingness to invest in photovoltaic systems and the number of households using renewable energies.

Needs Analysis

Climate goals
To achieve the EU’s energy and climate goals by 2030, 32% of the energy we consume must come from renewable sources
Saving costs
In the long term, photovoltaics can produce electricity in a cheaper way than if you were to buy it from the electricity provider.

Cause Analysis

Lack of information
Lack of knowledge; Alternatives as well as possibilities and chances for your own photovoltaic system are often unclear.
The complexity of the electricity market can seldom be taken away with a few skilled workers.
Word-of-mouth advertising is common and false information may be circulated.

Target Group

We want to reach homeowners that are interested in photovoltaic systems but cannot find a fitting solution.

The added value of the Nudge

Sustainable energy supply
More green electricity is produced, which makes energy consumption more sustainable.
Knowledge transfer
Knowledge is spread so that a larger crowd can be reached. Misinformation can be refuted.
Unnecessary green energy can be fed in. This means that others also benefit and consume more sustainable energy.

How to reach us:

Hannah Obrikat
Kevin Roth
Laura Friedrich