Nudging to Sustainability: Energetic Building Renovation

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What is the meaning of Energetic Building Renovation?

Energy-efficient refurbishment of a building is the structural changes to an existing building. Our nudge is to help reduce the consumption of fossil energy.

What is the goal for the nudge?

The goal is for homeowners to look into the issue of eco-friendly electricity and, in the best-case scenario, will install a photovoltaic-system on their roof.

Needs analysis

Cost saving
In the long run, a photovoltaic system helps to save money because the electricity you produce yourself is cheaper than the electricity you get from the energy providers.
Climate protection
The expansion of renewable energies is an important step on the way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Saving fossil raw materials
By using solar energy to produce electricity, limited raw materials such as gas or oil can be saved.
By selling the superfluously produced electricity and through the savings, a solar installation can generate a return for the owner in the inflation-beating range.

Cause analysis

The costs of a pv system for private properties are in the four- to five-figure range (high involvement decision).
Loss aversion
Due to bias, installation price losses are weighted more heavily than returns (payback and electricity cost savings).
Status quo bias
The effort required to realise the installation (status quo bias).
Taxes and companies
Profit or loss from feeding into the grid must be determined in the EÜR annex to the income tax and submitted to the tax office in the VAT return.

Target group

Are homeowners with a roof suitable for photovoltaic systems.

The added value of the nudge

Climate targets
Achieving the climate goals
Energy saving
Less CO2 emissions in the generation of energy
Return for the owner, through electricity feeds into the main grid, as well as savings through own consumption

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