Nudging to Sustainability: Corporate Impact Investing

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What is the meaning of Corporate Impact Investing?

Corporate impact investments target sustainable companies while requiring social, environmental and financial returns. Finding such companies can be challenging since startups usually do not know how to align their work with the investors criteria.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

Both startups and corporates are not always aware of each other. Nudging start-ups to gain the attention of investors and ultimately their support is the goal of our project.

Need analysis

Lack of information
Startups need to focus less on the technical side of their product and need to focus more on their ability to appeal to investors.
Startups need to use more standardized metrics to monitor and report their performance on impact and financial returns

Cause anaylsis

Status quo bias, startups often stay focued on the technical development of their product. Changing their focus to the needs of investors is perceived as a loss.
Overconfidence bias
Overconficence bias, startups often overestimate the appeal of their product. They belief that they are better than they actually are.
Information failure
Information failure connects to their error of monitoring and reporting incorrectly. They shouldn’t look for information to target standard investors but precisely aim for impact investors and therefore construct their metrics

Target group

The target group of our nudge are Startups which are inventing sustainable products and are in need of corporate impact investors.

Die Mehrwerte des Nudges

Higher quantity
Higher quantity in cooperation between startups and impact investors.
Climate goals
Helps to quicker fulfill the 17 sustainable development goals from the United Nations.
Helps to achieve the goal of a sustainable world.

How to reach us:

Lena Söhle
Vincent Patrick