Nudging to Sustainability: Corporate Business Models

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What is the meaning of Sustainable Corporate Business Models?

The basic idea of sustainable business models is to create added value on an economic, social and ecological level. Like a green thread, the ecological idea weaves through all processes of the company – starting with the vision and the strategy and extending to the everyday work of all employees.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

Companies are only fit for the future if they begin to assume social responsibility and integrate sustainability into their business model. With our Nudge, we want to support companies in this transformation process and focus on the drivers of change – the employees.

Needs Analysis

Transformation process
A decisive and clear start is necessary for the transformation process to succeed.
The role of employees
The role of employees is considered a key factor for a successful change process.
A sustainable business model places new demands on employees – a high capacity for innovation, a great deal of responsibility and a high degree of creative freedom. The commitment of employees must be increased in order to meet these requirements.

Cause Analysis

Employees disproportionately often cling to old company structures and processes.
Loss aversion
The losses caused by the change process are felt much more strongly than any resulting gains.
Misaligned individual incentives
Own needs (need for harmony, need for security, convenience) are prioritized higher than the overall interest of the company.
The employees’ own emotional integration into the change process is missing. The future benefits of the change are too abstract.

Target Group

Our Nudge ties in with companies that want to successfully integrate sustainability into their business model. It is important that a sustainable corporate vision already exists and has been clearly communicated by the management level. Since all beginnings are difficult, our Nudge starts in the initial phase of the transformation process and focuses on the employees.

The added value of the Nudge

Create awareness
Employees recognize that their own actions have an impact on the company's carbon footprint.
Increasing commitment
Personal integration of employees in the change process.
Save CO2
The company's carbon footprint is reduced.

How to reach us:

Christabel Welzel
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