Nudging to Sustainability: Circular Economy

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What is the meaning of Circular Economy?

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption in which materials and products are reused, repaired, and recycled for as long as possible to extend their life cycle.

What is the goal of the Nudge?

With our Nudge, developers are encouraged to use insulation material recycled from PET plastic in roof insulation. This can be reused after a building is demolished, creating a perfect cycle.

Needs Analysis

Energy demand
40% of the energy demand in houses can be saved by insulation materials.
Plastic waste
At 6.7%, plastic represents the third-largest share of household waste, after hygiene waste and biowaste.
Construction industry
The construction industry is Germany’s largest producer of waste.

Cause Analysis

Recognition heuristic
Contractors mostly choose insulation materials known to them.
The maximization of the expected benefit
Contractors select the lowest-cost product they expect to get the most value from.
Availability heuristic
Information about previously used materials is easier to retrieve.

Target Group

In Germany, most buildings are commissioned by private households and implemented by construction companies. Our Nudge starts with the building contractor, since he primarily deals with the building materials.

The added value of the Nudge

Plastic recycling
Recycling plastic to save energy.
Energy Savings
Up to 40% more energy savings through insulation.
Reusability of recycled materials in multiple construction projects.

How to reach us:

Kilian Lang
Lea Diekhans